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Q:Do you manufacture your own products?

A: Yes, All of our Goods are custom Manufactured to fit your needs, most suited as per the design.


Q: Can I make slight variations in designs/ sizes/ fabric/fittings etc?

A: Absolutely! We can make any changes in dimensions, Fabrics, fittings or designs you may require for your project. We also make custom embossing/ debossing for any texture required on your leather products.


Q: What is the general sampling time required for a custom design?

A: A simple leather design will take up to 3 days for sampling, as for complex designs/ patterns/ embossing we may require anywhere between a week to 15 days to develop your sample. For Brass/ Stainless steel articles, T shirts, Acrylic products, Pens, Jute bags, Cotton bags etc we would require 10-15 days for sampling.


Q: What is the average turnaround time for your products?

A: For leather Products: Quantities less than 100 pcs will take around 15 days for mass production.  Mass production of products of larger Quantities such as 1000 pcs and above will be minimum 30 days on confirmation. For all brass and stainless steel articles: production time is a Minimum 35 days on confirmation of order.



Q:What are your terms of payment?

A: For shipments with an Invoice Value of $ 1000 and below: 100 % Advance on order Confirmation. For shipments with Invoice Value $ 1000 and above: 50 % Advance on order Confirmation and 50 % balance payment before shipment of Goods.


Q: Do you have a minimum order quantity?

A: For Leather articles: We believe in playing fair and hence our policies for Minimum order quantity differs on the products we offer. We request you to drop us an email for specific projects you are looking at so that we can offer our best offers and quantities.

For Stainless steel/Brass Articles: