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We care!

At Samrat, We continually extend our support to causes we deeply care about. Along with our obligations toward social charities, we also extend our support toward personal charities which are obligatory alms.


Causes we support:

1: Girl child education

In our country, we have many institutions which support the cause of girl child education. It is essential to educate the girl child as the ratio of education for girls is highly skewed. Understanding the importance of this cause, we support charities which give free education to the girl child.


2: Environmental care/ wastage reduction

During production, we ensure that all of the wastage generated is disposed off for recylable causes. We understand that leather trimmings can be recylced to be made into bonded leather hence reducing wastage at our end.


3: Drug Rehabilitation

We support charities which are centers for drug rehabilitation. They provide medicines and facilities at subsidized rates for those who would like to enroll themselves in rehab programs and cannot afford it financially.


4: Education for all

We contribute to over 10 different charities which provide free education and hostel facilities to young children in remote villages in UP, Bihar and Gujarat. Along with that we also provide free education facilities to a number of our employees families.


5: Child labour

At every step of manufacturing and sourcing, we ensure that no child labor has been used towards the final production. We are strongly against the practice and support charities which help in the education of minors.